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03:04 AM , Sunday 18th March 2018

Film on "True Islam"

Film on "True Islam"

The Islamic world is now facing a fierce media campaign aimed at distorting image of Islam in terms of faith, thought, practice, behavior and ethics, instigated by a number of world media linked to anti-Islam organizations. The campaigns have left a negative impact on the true picture of Islam towards the international public opinion especially they are being carried out in a professional way by some specialized media and publicDownload Full Film Duration now.....Film Need Media Player 9 relations companies. This matter imposes a necessity on groups and organizations concerned with Islamic work to face and deal with such campaigns with a similar level of professionalism, specialty and mechanisms such as documentary films and programs…all aimed at informing the international public opinion on the essence of Islam, its approach, role in people’s life and influence in human civilization

The Role of Media and Public Relations on International Public Opinion
Success of any campaign on public opinion in any society depends on how to deal with big media and public relations organizations which normally orient the public opinion through a number of mechanisms such as media programs, conferences, symposia, and face-to-face encounters.
It is known that there are big media companies that control and direct public opinion in the United States and Europe. This dominance has been gained through addressing categories of a people by their own language, methods and programs tailored in a professional way; i.e. preparing dialogues and documentary programs of highly credible contents destined for most influential categories of people especially the political and cultural think tanks.

The True Picture of Islam
The incidents being witnessed by the Islamic world have created need for it to introduce to word public opinion the true picture of Islam, its important role in human civilization, key features such as tolerance and moderation, and its achievements to the world at large. This definition on the reality of Islam should be made through messages that could be understood by non-Islamic communities, presumably affecting their ideas and re-shaping their perspectives and views on Islamic faith, demonstrating relations of Islamic societies with other non-Muslim communities, and reaffirming tolerance, fairness and moderation of Islam.

The Film
In the context of its drive to introduce the reality of islam in light of media campaign that has distorted the image of islam among the public opinion in non-islamic countries and based upon its concern to address world public opinion through mechanisms that may positively affect their views and bring about a balance amid this malicious campaign, Abdulaziz bin Baz Charity Foundation (ABCF) opted to produce a documentary film called the “true Islam”. The film is intended to brief the world public opinion on the reality of Islam, change distorted image that some parties try to spread and plant among audience of non-Islamic communities. The film is designed to highlight goals of Islam in terms of faith, behavior, and its contribution to the development of human civilization, strengthening of ethical values, establishing true freedom and reflection of its authentic view to other non-Muslims.

Themes 0f the Film
1. Misconceptions and Myths on Islam
The film focuses on a lot of misconceptions attributed to Islam:
a. The distorted image being circulated by enemies of Islam on jihad (holy war),
b. Citing a number of true issues which do exist in Islam and clarifying suspicions attached to these issues such as hijab (veil), polygamy and Islamic stance over female circumcision,
c. The role and status of women in Islam.

2.The five pillars of Islam
The film deals with these pillars as follows:
a. The testimony (shahadah), which means, “there is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah”. This is the first pillar of Islam.
b. Prayer (salat), the second pillar, which is ought to be performed five times per day by a Muslim. The film gives detailed descriptions on the prayer.
c. Giving alms (zakat) to the poor and needy.
d. Fasting the month of Ramadan. The film focuses on things to be avoided by a fasting Muslim in addition to interviews with some fasting Muslims.
e. The pilgrimage (hajj), the fifth pillar to be performed by those who can do it (financially and physically) once in lifetime. The film touches on some practical experiences seen by hajj performers.

3. Family in Islam
The film presents the family through:
a. Call made by the Holy Quran and Sunnah on dully respect and love of a Muslim towards his parents.
b. The responsibility of parents over bringing up and education of their children.
c. The film displays a Muslim family and interviews one of family members.
d. The status of women in a Muslim family and importance of their education.

4. Islamic sharia
The film gives answers to so many enquires centered on Islamic sharia as follows:
a. What is meant by “sharia”?
b. The basic sources of sharia.
c. Violations and inherent penalties from Islamic sharia point of view.
d. Economic system in Islam.

5. Jihad in Islam
The film explains the meaning of jihad in Islam and furnishes corrections on misconceptions associated to it where enemies of Islam are strenuously trying to spread such misconceptions.
a. The concept of jihad in Islam.
b. Jihad is not terrorism.
c. Who is authorized to declare jihad?
d. Forms of jihad.

Duration of the film:
45 minutes

Languages of the film:
The film is being produced in English and French in initial stages and other languages will be used later in a bid to convey content of the message to a variety of non-Muslim communities.

Production of the film:
The film is being produced by a series of specialized documentary film producing companies, which have already produced a number of well-known films. Themes of the films are being undertaken by a group of specialized researchers and revised by key sharia and media specialists.

Distribution of the film:
The film is scheduled to display at a number of specialized international documentary film festivals to be held in some cities such as Los Angles, Toronto, Paris, Marcella, Amsterdam, and London in addition to sending it to more than 1400 film festivals around the world. The film will also be transmitted through ground and satellite-based TV stations in Europe and the United States, in particular, and, later, to other parts of the world. Some 5000 copies of the film are to be distributed to research centers and libraries of universities, groups, regional and international organizations worldwide.

Sponsor of the film:
Production of the film is sponsored by Abdulaziz bin Baz Charity Foundation (ABCF); a body that is concerned with cultural and social works. His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud chairs ABCF Board of Trustees. It is to be recalled that one of aims of the ABCF is to highlight tolerance of Islam as shown by His Eminence Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Baz – may mercy of Allah be upon him – through his support and care of religious and cultural projects, crucial issues concerning Arab and Islamic worlds thus reflecting tolerance, moderation and fairness of Islam and how to create channels of research and scientific communication between Islamic and non-Islamic societies.

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